PROP 65 美国加州65法案检测 (California Proposition 65) -测试内容、周期及样品要求
PROP 65 美国加州65法案检测 (California Proposition 65) -测试内容、周期及样品要求
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EN 14354 木质板材—木质薄板地板覆盖物测试 -测试内容、周期及样品要求

EN 14354:2004 Wood-based panels-wood veneer floor covering 


Clause Test Requirement
4 Requirements
Moisture content(EN 322)
Size and deviation (Annex A)
Lipping & opening (Annex B)
Adhesion of the lacquer (Annex E)
Tensile strength of the substrate (EN 319)
Surface soundness (EN 13329:2000 Annex D)
Requirements on humidity variations (EN 1910)
5 Classification requirements
Resistance to indentation (EN 1534)
Thickness swelling(EN 13329:2000 Annex G)
Impact resistance (Elasticity)(Annex C)
Wear resitance (Annex D)
6 Marking and packaging
Sampling requirement: 15 pcs
Turnaround time: normal (9 working days); express (7working days)
所需时间:标准(9个工作日); 加快(7个工作日)